About us

Handmade with love in Aurora, Colorado

I'm Emily, the creator and owner of Bohemian Scrapcity.

A few years ago, I was at a concert with friends, one of which was wearing an *amazing* coat; it looked like someone had taken the Christmas throw blanket from off my mother's couch and made it into a coat reminiscent of the 1960's iconic Afghan coats. And I wanted it bad. This led me to learn how to sew to then make one for myself. By now, I was in love with sewing: the ability to make something that I could wear was amazing, plus I got so much interest around town. So I decided to make them for sale and thus Bohemian Scrapcity was born.

I have always been a fan of making art from trash and shopping at the thrift store so I added a constraint to my budding enterprise: to incorporate as much used materials as possible into every aspect of my business. Plus, using used just makes sense both environmentally and stylistically. Each of my items is either one of a kind or part of a very limited series and are perfect for the eco-conscious consumer trying to get away from fast fashion. 

I hope you enjoy checking out my art, because I sure as heck enjoyed making it


P.S. Keep tuned for my upcoming blog featuring a collection of DIY upcycled projects